Monday, January 14, 2013

Air quality analysis from Beijing twitter feed.

As air pollution in Beijing reach new high [NYT article]. I re-ran the analysis I put online a few months ago.
"Crazy bad" is a good description when it reach those levels. But I am sure there are other place like Mexico city, LA etc... that also look as dramatic as those number for Beijing. The fact that the machine is tweeting make the analysis so easy. I hope it keep tweeting and that other place in the world do the same.

From the NYT article:
The existence of the embassy’s machine and the @BeijingAir Twitter feed have been a diplomatic sore point for Chinese officials. In July 2009, a Chinese Foreign Ministry official, Wang Shu’ai, told American diplomats to halt the Twitter feed, saying that the data “is not only confusing but also insulting,” according to a State Department cable obtained by WikiLeaks. Mr. Wang said the embassy’s data could lead to “social consequences.”

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